Saturday, 20 August 2011


I hereby officially announce that this blog will be closed.  
this is my new blog address,

Monday, 20 September 2010

A simple update

Due to playing too much during my Raya holiday,
when come back to uni,
the stress also coming back with me..
before the holiday,
i thought that since i am having few mid term examination after my holiday,
i will force myself to study when i am at home,
but seem like i not really understand bout myself,
i didn't touch my book to do revision at all during my holiday,
although every morning when i wake up,
i remind myself that i still got a lot of things need to study, 
but seem like it didn't affect my playing mood at all.
holiday is over,
3 paper waiting for me at this coming Friday and Saturday.
All are heavy subjects,
feel like gonna die in these 3 papers,
but i will try all my best in these few days to digest all the notes that i need to study.
hopefully i can finish my law revision this 3 days, 
and everything goes smoothly as what i plan. 
All the best for me.
by the way, i enjoy my holiday a lot due to i had met some friends that i haven't met them for few years already,
nice to hanging out with them~ ^^

Sunday, 22 August 2010


really feeling very stress recently,
burden of assignment that haven't started,
burden of homework,
quizzes, mid term exam,
plus sick for a long time which slow down my study progress,
really make me feel so stress..
i miss the ice cream,
i miss the swing in the playground,
i desperately need them recently,
but don have the time to enjoy them,
wait until next week,
hope got the chance to play the swing..
long time didn't play it already..
sometime, i was thinking that am i right to take majoring in accounting,
why i need to make my life so busy,
so stressful, 
why i don take those easier majoring, one week only gt class for 3 days..
however, i enjoy the subjects i am taking now,
challenging although is kinda difficult,
i can feel the satisfaction when i manage to get the answer right..
as a conclusion,

Friday, 13 August 2010

Finally Back to Normal Again!

after sick for almost 1 month,
i think i am back to normal again!
last few weeks,
my ears keep on buzzing every day,
when i went to see the doctor for the first time, 
she told me that it is because that my immune system is too low, 
plus my body temperature is low,
so it will affect my ear,
my body temperature at that time was only 35.1 Celsius, 
when i saw the temperature reading,
i was shocked,
wow, i never thought that my body temperature can be that low,
no wander i feel cold easily during that period.
then she told me i should not take bath anymore,
i was like OMG when i listen to that,
how can i stand with it,
don't having bath for the whole day,
for sure i cant make it,
but i try to bath just once in a day,
this reach my limit already. 
after 2 weeks,
i think i am not that weak anymore,
but my ears still buzzing,
so went to seek for the doctor for the second time,
the doctor told me even i remember you when i just entered the room,
after checking my ear,
she ask me to go to do the ear toilet,
she said there is too much ear wax inside my ear,
so she told me to go to another room to do the ear toilet,
after that, my ear back to normal again.
maybe because i didn't clean my ears everyday, that's why lead to ear buzzing.
i need to make it a habit to clean my ear everyday from now on.
as a conclusion, i just feel relief that finally i no need to go to the Pusat Kesihatan once in 2 weeks.
i go to that place at the very 1st week of my new semester,
i started having fever at the night right after i reach KL,
having fever for a few days,
when i almost fully recover,
having flu again, then coughing and so on..
i already bought few bottle of 100 plus and strepsil since the beginning of the semester...
hopefully i will stay healthy for a long period after this!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Inception, A Great Movie

Last Sunday nite,
went to watch Inception with him, his bro and one of their friend,
it been a long time i didn't watch midnight movie since Chinese New Year,
although there is some incident occurred when we are watching the movie,
but overall, i enjoy this movie a lot.
when watching this movie,
you need to pay fully attention and think a lot,
if you miss out one part,
maybe you will misunderstand the whole movie,
what the characters said at the beginning is connected to what he did at the end,
even the ending of this movie also can be interpreted differently  according to what you understand in this movie,
some think that the main character is died,
while the others think that the main character is still alive.  
it is a nice movie that is worth to watch,
highly recommend to you all~ ^^

Monday, 26 July 2010


actually i had written one post before this,
but suddenly my laptop not responding for a while,
when i restart it again,
the whole things gone,
so need to rewrite again,
but this time, 
it wouldn't be that long, 
really piss me off,
when i want to save it,
it just suddenly not responding,
want to downgrade it to window XP again,
hopefully i have the time this week,
can't stand it anymore,
today when i on my laptop,
it keep hang like that, 
No more Window 7 this time!
really hope that i cant have the time to make it this week..

Thursday, 6 May 2010


For your all information,
i have managed in getting majoring in accounting, 
although i know that this will gonna be a long way,
i am confident that I can make it! 
gambate everyone! 
Aza aza fighting!